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ABA24 FKA1/FK1A/FK2A is the energy food formulated for the patients diagnosed with cancer positive. Patients will start with F2A for cleansing purposes. After completed F2A, you will then take FKA1 followed by FK1A and then FK2A. You will maintain taking FK2A until your condition improves and you are free from cancer. This will take not a few weeks or months, but realistically six months to a year. You will have to make adjustments to you daily diet and visit to a nutritionist may provide you with a healthier daily diet alternatives.  A minimum 3 liters of water is required for daily water intake. Fruit juices freshly made is a very good source of vitamins and antioxidant.

Healing Process.

After placing the ABA24 crystals under the tongue, persons with active cancer cells tend to experience excessive bitterness which can be difficult to let the crystals dissolve under the tongue. The sensation will have to be suppressed and over time, it will disappear.

Patients with advanced stage of cancer could vomit after taking ABA24 – just have a container nearby. Cancer itself bring a lot of pain to the sufferer. The healing process could have the patient thinking that it has gotten worse. But as with all healing processes, it is only temporary. It is important for the body to remove toxins and dead cells from the body. The patient could experience sweating, dirty urine, diarrhea, fever, rashes, etc. As the HP phase subsides, the patient will feel that energy is returning to his body. The recovery is starting to gain momentum.

If you are just been diagnosed with cancer positive, and wishes to incorporate ABA24 in your daily diet, it would be best to give yourself six months of consuming the crystals before attempting conventional treatment. However, this decision is up to you. You may find that your condition has much improved that you no longer need conventional treatment. The problem is, doctors could interpret the healing process as cancer symptoms and administer treatment which may hamper the progress already underway. For patients already undergoing conventional treatments who wishes to incorporate ABA24, you may find the healing process to be more taxing. The immune system in getting the energy from ABA24 will attempt to get rid of toxins from the body including the drugs that were administered. The weak body is struggling for self preservation. Do not wait until the patient is too weak to benefit from ABA24. Many came to try ABA24 as the last resort, and with the ‘what have I got to lose’attitude. While some do recovered, some others do not. Many patients who chose to carry on with both conventional treatment and ABA24 often lie to their doctors about taking other forms of treatment. It is not the way to do it. Doctors’ opinion is still important even if you chose other forms of treatments. Modern medicine will give you that peace of mind when you are announced to be free from cancer. Doctors will only advise you the best treatment which they have been trained. You have the right to other opinions.

If you chose the ABA24 way, you must have the conviction that it is the immune system that is eventually going to heal the human body. ABA24 is just providing the energy and fuel for the journey ahead.

Note – You must complete F2A before taking FKA1.



3 sachets daily :

  • Before sleep
  • Before breakfast
  • Before lunch

Sublingual route – crystals are placed under the tongue and let dissolve. May drink water 15 minutes after fully dissolved.

Additional information

Weight 4.5 g
Dimensions 90 x 50 x 90 mm


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