ABA24 FG1A Gout


ABA24 FG1A is energy food formulated for patients with Gout. Energy from FG1A is utilized by the immune system in restoring the uric acid level back to its optimum level.

Healing process for patients with gout problem need to be emphasized. You WILL experience gout attack when the immune system starts to expel uric acid from your body. The pain can only be described by gout sufferers. For fastest recovery, it is best if you could avoid any form of pain killers. If not, take only as necessary. Drugs will slow down your immune system’s function – it will use the energy for removing the uric acid and the drugs you take. Newly diagnosed patients will experience several days of healing process. Long time sufferers with years of taking gout medications and pain killers will take longer time to get over the healing process. One month of healing process has been experienced by long time gout sufferers. Patients can look forward to a healthier body once the healing process phase is over and on the road to recovery. Imagine the day when you can eat all the food that as a gout sufferer would normally have to avoid. With FG1A, it can be a reality.

After the uric acid level is back to optimum level, you may want to maintain your immune system’s strength by using ABA24 FT1A Maintenance.

Take water at least 3 liters daily for the body to remove drugs and acids from the body efficiently. If your joints will allow, exercise and break into a sweat.

Note – F2A is required to complete prior to start taking FG1A.



4 sachets daily

  • Before sleep
  • Before breakfast
  • Before lunch
  • Before Tea

Sublingual route – crystals are placed under the tongue and let dissolve. May drink water 15 minutes after fully dissolved.

Additional information

Weight 6 g
Dimensions 90 x 50 x 90 mm


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